Friday, March 5, 2010

Counting down the days to New Zealand….. I have been planning this trip for no less than 4 years and it is finally here. I leave March 12th and will not return until March 27th. I cannot express my excitement, although anyone who has been anywhere near me in the past year has known about this, and can probably quote my itinerary.

3 of my friends and I are going to NZ, renting a car and exploring as much of that place as we can! I have been in love with this place for sometime now, and knowing that in a short time I will be immersed in this place of unparalleled beauty…. I truly cannot wait and I am ready for anything!!

With this trip I really wanted to do a few things that I have never done before… On the first day in NZ we are going to Bungy Jump, it being the first time for all of us… we picked a hell of a first jump…. This thing is terrifying!!

Yes!!! That is it! How do you like that? I mean my god I start to sweat just thinking about it… if that photo didn’t sell you what about this one?

134 meters or 402 feet! That is an 8 second free fall…. If I survive the first day in NZ the adrenaline will surely destroy any jet lag I might have… Hopefully

We are not planning on hotels or anything like that we are going to stay in hostels the whole time over there, which I am really pumped about because yet again something I have never done before and I can’t wait to find out what all kind of people I will meet… The whole trip is going to be chaotic though, because we are literally going to cover about 70 percent of the whole country in our time there!

I just got my camera, it’s the Nikon S8000. Every bit of info I have ever scene on NZ they all talked about the scenery and how it is not to be missed. So I really wanted to make sure I got a good camera. Friday the 12th cannot come any sooner, I am counting down the days and pretty much have my bags packed!