Thursday, January 28, 2010

As I mentioned before I am a huge fan of movies and music. With movies it’s easy… I mean all of your major retailer’s carry movies. Music however poses an issue, it is tough to find a not so well known band’s CD at Best Buy. Typically I have to go to Hot Topic to get some of those smaller bands album. I like going to hot topic, I am not the typical shopper there I mean when I think if a Hot Topic shopper this is generally the image that comes to mind….

I work at the mall at Banana Republic part time so I will usually go on my break to check for new stuff and it never seems to fail that the shoppers there look at me like I don’t belong, which I love to play along with and ask really loudly if they have any copies of the new Taylor Swift?? The employees there are awesome, and I have gotten to know most of them! Usually they mock my BR attire and I will always ask them, “Where are the newest twilight shirts?!” I went in this week to find the new Lost Prophets album, which sadly they did not have, although as it was quickly pointed out to me Hot Topic did start carrying the Amory Wars!

To bring you up to speed, my favorite band is Coheed and Cambria! Most of you have not heard of them but I strongly suggest you check them out. The lead singer of Coheed and Cambria is a man by the name of Claudio Sanchez (In the photo below he is the one with the hair). Now Coheed is a progressive rock band that has released 4 albums so far and the 5th will be released this April (Self congratulating fist pump). The amazing thing about this band is that each one of the albums goes along with a comic book story that was written by Claudio titled the Amory Wars. Which is usually a very tough book to get a hold of, and I would never expect to see it in Hot Topic, so you can imagine my delight. Now back to the story….

So as she pointed out to me the glorious cover another one of the shoppers was inquiring about it, so she politely told him that it was the guy from Coheed and Cambria’s comic book. This guy says with me standing right there, “Coheed is too emo for me!” As my HT friend looked at me in shock she knew, and for the briefest of moments I felt my pulse rate increase to well over 200 bpm and felt like Lou Ferrigno becoming the hulk!! (The picture below was not taken at that moment but it is essentially what I looked like)

I quickly calmed myself and expressed my disagreement with his previous statement and politely asked him to retract that statement. He told me he just couldn't stand Claudio’s vocals…. and in his defense his statement is pretty common, because his vocals are different. I told him not to be afraid of the vocals or the awesomeness look at Bruce Dickinson his vocals are strange but I love Iron Maiden, and Geddy Lee from Rush. Both of which he claimed he didn’t like. So then I went for the throat, “What about Robert Plant from a little band I like to call Led Zeppelin?” (Now let me set the record straight I am not comparing Coheed to Zeppelin, as much as I love Coheed to put them in that category would be blasphemous! The influence Zeppelin had on rock is unmatched by any of today’s musicians.) I was merely saying that Plant’s vocals were different, that didn’t make them any less awesome! After that he just kind of gave me a, “Whatever” and I graciously accepted his defeat in the argument. After that, I collected one of the books and made my way out the door and back to the BR to fold shirts…. but I folded those shirts with my head held a little higher that night, it was one of those days where you knew you had made a difference. If by some chance random Joe in Hot Topic reads this…… you are welcome sir!

Now time for some viewer mail!!

So I did receive a comment on my last post so I thought I would reply for all to see…

Overambitious and Lazy asks:

1) Why are you a random ninja and why did just say you’re welcome? Please explain.

Answer: I am a random because my mind wanders all over the place and I spend most of my time in my own little world, and to go ahead and head off the obvious next question of course it is awesome there! The ninja part is well because I can’t think of many things that are cooler than a ninja I mean you have a mask you walk around with a sword! Not to mention no one wants to start stuff with a ninja, I mean if you were out jogging and you saw some guys starting to pick on a ninja you would stop for two reasons A) You would probably say, “Sweet Jesus is that a ninja?” cause typically you would never see a ninja, I mean that would be like seeing a unicorn! Which makes me think what if you saw a ninja unicorn? Wrap your mind around that!

B) You would want to see what happened to the guys that were starting stuff with the ninja. I mean obviously none of them are going to walk away from that deal, its just a question of how bad is it going to be! You’re welcome I have said for years and will typically follow a statement that weather or not you will admit it…. probably changed your life!

2) In the next post, you are limited to five exclamation marks. Yes, 5 – no more. You had 27 in your last post so I’m expecting over an 80% reduction.

Answer: Ha! To put a limit on exclamations… you my friend are hilarious that would be like trying to limit this blog of awesomeness and that clearly can not even be quantified! In fact saying a statement like this to my face will most likely result in an 80% reduction in teeth! Just throwing that out there!

Well we covered a lot of ground today and I can’t wait for more comments and hope you all have a wicked awesome day!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My first step into a much larger world!

My first entry… I have decided to start a blog! Well I figured I am a nerd in every other aspect of my life… what’s one more outlet?! First things first my name is Stephen and I am 27yrs old. I am a huge nerd and am totally ok with that! I love movies and music; I think they are two outlets that can bring people of all walks of life together. I have some major plans for this blog so if you are getting in ground floor on this deal prepare yourself for the AWESOME…. You’re welcome!

Movie Reviews! Here are a few of the films I watched over the weekend... Self congratulating fist pump!!

Ok I have to be honest I had little to no expectation from this film. The previews looked pretty lame; apart from the elderly woman climbing the wall and attacking a grown man by biting him on the neck! (Oddly enough one of my fears is being attacked by an elderly woman!) I found myself watching a supposed horror film that I found really funny! I mean the acting was bad! Really bad! If any of you were sitting on the edge of your seats wondering if Tyrese will finally seal the deal on that Academy Award he so rightfully deserves…. Sorry kids better luck next time! On a side note Lucas Black (the kid from Friday Night Lights and Tokyo Drift) how does he get work?? I am so baffled by that! Personally I think his role could have been more dramatic being played by Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, and would have been much more entertaining! Not to mention would make one hell of a preview…. Angels come to destroy the earth and mans only hope rests in the will of a machine……lucky for us that machine is….. JOHNNY 5!! (Cue gigantic explosion).

My god I will gladly hand over my $10, with a smile on my face to view that! Kind of detoured there… that will happen a lot actually! Beyond that I mean the story is pretty simple, and the ending kind of leaves you with a say what? I still give Legion the laugh factor, not to mention it has some great quotes! Legion is worth seeing but I would list it as a comedy more than any kind of suspense thriller!

This movie was great! Set in the Iraq war it chronicles essentially the days in the life of a bomb squad. Jeremy Renner plays William James a lead bomb diffuser, who handles this job where he is disarming roadside bombs much like he is mowing lawns… just carefree at points about it! This movie has a lot of action in it and there are some points that you will genuinely find yourself at the edge of your seat, anxious to see what happens next. (For me a particular scene with a sniper battle had me almost standing!) I really enjoyed it and in fact immediately went out and bought the film! I would definitely rank this a must see!!

This is the true story of Burt Munro a New Zealander who wants to take his 1920 Indian motorcycle to Utah’s Salt Flats to break a land speed record, and his journey to get there. I really enjoyed watching this movie and in my opinion there are far too few feel good movies out there. I love a character like Burt Munro he is just a good guy, not judgmental has simple needs and is just trying to make his way. To no surprise Anthony Hopkins does really well in this movie, it is definitely worth watching!