Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let’s talk Zombie’s….

So this week Zombieland was released on Blu Ray, and of course I bought it. I saw this movie in the theaters and loved it. I am a zombie movie fan, but even if you aren’t it is a great dark comedy! It follows 4 people and their day to day lives in you guessed it a zombie infested planet. Woody Harrelson is awesome in this and it is a must see! While watching it I can’t help but think what I would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?? My strategy totally depends on what kind of zombies we are dealing with…. To inform you all there are two types of zombie’s example 1….

The traditional zombie… in all honesty if there was a zombie invasion and it was lined up with these guys I am not going to be that worried. Stay in a big open place with a lot of ammo and just clean house. Then there is the other type of zombies…

Example 2

Running Zombie’s… NO CHANCE OF SURVIVING!! The new wave of zombies don’t so much groan as they do scream and the slow moving forget that these things all seem run like Usain Bolt! Only strategy here is to pray and get yourself the biggest machine gun you can hold preferably one that never runs out of ammo and make your stand! Although they make for a much more exciting movie in the event of it actually happening my vote goes for example 1.